Women income generation


Improving locally grown rice through parboiling

Local rice is more nutritious compared to the polished rice, but polished rice attracts more market than the local rice because of they way in which it is processed it is more attactive to consumer’s eyes.

To increase demand for local rice and increase the income level of the beneficiaries, farmers are advised to adopt the improved method of rice par-boiling.

How to parboil rice to improve market value

Pomade and soap making

Shea butter is locally produced in the Northern parts of Ghana; as such it must be put to good use to maximize profit among the producers.

As part of generating income among rural households, WIAD under Ministry of Food and Agriculture subjected shea butter into critical test and the results indicated that pomade and soap can be produced out of it for home consumption and for sale.

How to make Body Pomade

Soap Making Procedure