Home and Farm management

Resources at our disposal should be rationalized or economized so that they can be made available all year round. Due to the scarce resources at our disposal households are therefore advised to rationalized or make judicious use of both the resources at home and on farm.

Home Management

This is the meaningful or judicious way of using resources available at home to ensure maximum satisfaction among the entire household.  Farm households are advised to cook the right quantity of food per meal instead of cooking too much food and throw the surplus away. This will help make food available all the time for home consumption and the surplus for sale.

Establishment of home gardens

Eating of fruits and vegetables all the time will prevent us from being sick. A healthy body with a sound mind will ensure higher output all the time all things being equal.  To ensure that households will be eating fruits and vegetables, establishment of home gardens is recommended.  Having home gardens also is a strategy to ensure household food security. It can be done during rainy season or dry season where water is available for irrigation. This will ensure the availability of fruits and vegetables for household consumption or sale when in abundant, at all year round.

Farm Management

For instance if a farmer has a hectare of land he/she should diversify the production using that same piece of land to produce different types of crops.  We refer to this technique as multi-cropping. This will help the farmer obtain different crop types which could be used for daily meal preparation.  To keep the soil healthy, crop rotation must also be practiced.  This is changing of crops after the previous harvest.  This allows the soil to regain its structure and prevents nutrition depletion.  But, the choice of crop for rotation must be suited to the prevailing environmental condition.