Women Extension Volunteers (WEV)

                                                                                            The WEV programme was developed to address the lack of extension support avaliable to women farmers in Northern Ghana.  The program began in March 2007 when VSO Ghana and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture Northern Region (MOFA-NR) joined forces.  After consultations, planning, training and preparations the first Women volunteers were recruited and ready to start work in March 2009, 45 volunteers were recruited in total covering 19 districts.  Bicycles, boots, rain coats, bags, notebooks and pens were given to all volunteers to enable them to complete their work.

  • Picture of the Women Volunteers and the VSO volunteer.
  • Picture of Bicycles being given to Volunteers.

The women volunteers completed a training programme prior to comensing their work, this included both practical and theoretical skills.

              Training topics covered

  • Volunteering & Dev’t
  • Extension Strategies
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Environmental & Personal Hygiene
  • Food Processing
  • Women Income Generation
  • Home Farm Management
  • Establishing a Livestock Farm
  • General Management of Livestock
  • Basic Health & Health Needs of Livestock
  • Common diseases of Livestock
  • Basic Principles of Crop Production
  • Post Harvest Handling
  • Land Degradation
  • Bushfire Prevention