P3DM of Central Gonja District, Ghana


Think Globally, Act Locally, a statement that argues that global environmental problems can turn into action only by considering the interplay of ecological, economic, and cultural differences locally. The entire landscape that supports mankind is made up of a mosaic of interacting ecosystems. To effectively manage an ecosystem, a general understanding of processes within it and how adjoining ecosystems relates with it becomes considerably important.

As Northern Ghana continuous to address food insecurity, climate change and its perennial flooding, there is the need for planning at the Regional, District and Community level. It has become increasingly important to empower Districts and Local communities to turn Regional plans into action. The challenge here is how to effectively engage the professional and non-professional, and the literate and illiterate alike. 

In this regard two Participatory 3D models were introduced to programme leaders of government offices, major international organizations, local NGO’s and Districts Assembly officials, farmers and local community members as a tool to development planning that can be understood by all. The participants discovered its potentials and developed action plans to replicate the concept in all communities, districts and regions.

The model is at a scale of 1:50,000 suitable for district level planning (Figure 2). It measures 2.14 m x 3.29 m which represents 16,464 km2 on the ground. It has a vertical exaggeration of 2x and contour interval of 25 m. The model features portions of nine other districts being Tamale Municipality, Yendi, East Gonja, West Gonja, Bole, Tolon Kumbugu, Savelegu Nanton, Kintampo North and Sawla-Tuna- Kalba.

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1. Flood Zone Mapping, 2. Developing Flood Monitoring System, 3. Land suitability assessment for cultivation, 4. Watershed management

Secondary Objectives

Empowering Districts and Local communities to turn Regional plans into action, Engaging local communities in District and community planning process

Central Gonja 3-D Map Report

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  1. Muntari Awudu Seidu says:

    I am an Environmental and practically oriented graduate from the University for Development Studies who lives in Buipe central gonja district.
    Hoping to work with any organisation that is into Environmental protection and any field work. pls if u need my service u can cal on 0242106582

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