AAGDS                                 Accelerated Agriculture Growth and Development Policy

AEA                                        Agricultural Extension Agent

AESD                                     Agricultural Engineering Services Directorate

AGOA                                   African Growth and Opportunity Act

AIDS                                      Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AT                                           Animal Attraction

AU                                          African Union

CAADP                                  Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme

CBOs                                     Community Based Organisations

CEPS                                      Custom Excise and Preventive Services

CIF                                          Cost Insurance and Freight

COCOBOD                           Cocoa Board

CPI                                         Customer Price Index

CFSVA                                   Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis

CSIR                                       Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

DAs                                        District Assemblies

DPs                                        Development Partners

ECOWAP                             ECOWAS Agricultural Policy

ECOWAS                              Economic Community of West African States

EDF                                        Extension Development Fund

EIA                                         Environmental Impact Assessment

EPA                                        Environmental Protection Agency

EU-ACP                                 European Union-African Caribbean Pacific

FAO                                       Food and Agriculture Organisation

FASSDEP                              Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy

FBO                                        Farmer Based Organisation

FBODF                                  Farmer Based Organisation Development Fund

GADS                                    Gender and Agriculture Development Strategy

GAP                                       Good Agriculture Practices

GDHS                                    Ghana Demographic and Health Survey

GDP                                       Gross Domestic Product

GIDA                                     Ghana Irrigation Development Authority

GMP                                      Good Manufacturing Practices

GOG                                      Government of Ghana

GPRS                                     Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy

GPRS II                                 Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy II

HACCP                                  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

HIV                                        Human Immune Virus

HRD                                       Human Resource Development

ICT                                          Information Communication Technology

IFPRI                                      International Food Policy Research Institute

IMT                                        Intermediate Means of Transport

IPM                                        Integrated Pest Management

LACOSREP                           Land Conservation and Smallholder Rehabilitation Project

M & E                                    Monitoring and Evaluation

MCA                                      Millennium Challenge Account

MDAs                                    Ministries, Departments and Agencies

MDBs                                    Multi-Donor Budget Support

MDG                                     Millennium Development Goals

MLGRDE                              Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Environment

MoFA                                    Ministry of Food and Agriculture

MOH                                     Ministry of Health

NDPC                                    National Development Planning Commission

NEPAD                                  New Partnership for Africa’s Development

PLWHA                                People Living with HIV/AIDS

PPMED                                 Policy Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate

PPRSD                                   Plant Protection and Regulatory Services Directorate

PRA                                        Pest Risk Analysis

PSDS                                      Private Sector Development Strategy

PSI                                          President’s Special Initiative

PSIA                                       Poverty and Social Impact Assessment