Food Security Networks

Many projects have been initiated by different actors; government and non-governmental agencies, to achieve food security in Ghana. In spite of these initiatives, however, agricultural productivity and growth and in particular the goal of ensuring food security continue to elude us. Even though some successes admittedly have been recorded, compared to the vast potentials that exist and the great deal of investment made, much more still needs to be done.

One of the greatest threats to the maximization of the great potentials and indeed the different investment by the different actors in agriculture in the region is the question of non integration, poor collaboration and coordination among major actors resulting in duplication of efforts, disproportionate allocation of resources and funds, inadequate learning and sharing of best practices among others.

In view of this District Food Security Networks (DFSN) have been initiated to bring together the different actors in agriculture in every district to engender discussions and to carve the way forward in dealing with food security so that interventions would be more needs-based, strategic, and timely. It will also serve as a platform where there would be greater comparability of programmes and interventions, increased commitment, greater transparency and increased relevance of our programmes to regional and national strategic decision making and  actions.

With a well established Food Security Network a proper early warning system can be established to identify the fundamental aspects (severity, causes and magnitude) of food insecurity of every district in Ghana.

Food Security Networks established in the past have not been very active for may reason. A biggest being lack of funding and commitment form network members.  See report on the ‘Food Security Network Experience in the Northern Region’ by Tanko, Care International: DISTRICT FOOD SECURITY NETWORK.

This website is to serve as a platform for all development organisations and District Food Security Networks to share their experiences and deliberate on issues.